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How to rip a Karaoke Disk (CD+G) There are many methods of ripping a karaoke CD+G, I prefer the zipped mp3+g format as it saves a lot of hard drive space. This tutorial will explain how to accomplish this using CDRWIN and MP3+g toolz

! Before you Begin !

  • If you don't already have one, buy a Plextor CD-RW. Many CDRWs will not read or write a CD+G properly, all Plextor drives do. If you can't find a Plextor, look for a LightScribe, they are also known to work.
  • Make sure you have plenty of free hard drive space as the conversion process may need over a gig per CD+G

Software Needed


  • Rip the CD+G to your hard drive using CDRWIN
    • Click the "Exctact Disc/Tracks/Sectors" icon See Fig 1.
      Fig 1. CDRWIN "Exctact Disc/Tracks/Sectors" Icon
      this brings up the "Exctact Disc/Tracks/Sectors" Dialog box see Fig 2.
      Fig 2. CDRWIN "Exctact Disc/Tracks/Sectors" Dialog Box
      Fig 3. Karaoke File Naming
    • Select the "Select Tracks" radio button
    • In the "Image Filename" text box type the path where you want the files to be saved
    • Select the tracks you want to extract
    • "Reading Options" section the make sure that CD+G is Checked
    • Then click the "START" button
      • This creates individual "bin" files for each song
  • Manually rename each bin file to something which makes sense. Read the "Naming Conventions" section below, see fig 3.
  • Convert the resulting bin to zip files using MPG+G Toolz
    • On the menu select File/"Bin to Zip"
    • Browse to folder conatining the bin files.
    • Click the "Options" button and make sure that the "Rename Files in Zip to Zip Filename" check box is selected
    • Close the Options Dialog box
    • Click the Start Button and wait

If everything worked out correctly you should have a folder with some zip files in it. Inside each individual zip file are two files am MP3 file and a CDG file. Most Karaoke players know how to play the zip.

To be continued

Naming Conventions

A good standard to follow when naming the zip files is as follows.


  • disk is the disk number
  • track is the track number
  • artist is the artist name using last name first, comma seperated names and "The" placed after name
    • example: Stewart, Rod
    • example: Beatles, The
  • song is the Song Title

Dk003-11-Sinatra, Frank-I've Got You Under My

If you follow this naming conventions for all your CD+G ripping then it will be a lot easier to import and catalog your songs into a database.


  • (ISBN 0741420015
  • (ISBN 0743229029

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