Make pancakes on a griddle

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How to make pancakes on a griddle


  • pancake batter
  • griddle spatula
  • a 3oz. or 4oz. ladel
  • griddle oil or vegetable oil

The Process

  • Heat the griddle to about 300 degrees.
  • Place a very small amount of oil on the griddle and spread thinly with spatula.
  • ladle one full ladel of pancake batter in the center of the griddle.
When the pancake begins to uniformly form bubblles and the outside edge looks like it's drying up a little, gently sneak the spatula under one side of the cake about 1/3 of the way through. Pull the spatula back out and do the same to the oppisite side of the pancake. This ensures that the pancake is not stuck to the griddle.
  • Gently flip the pancake over

To test if the pancake is done:

  • gently tap the top of the pancake in with your fingertip. If the depression remains then the pancake is not done cooking. If the depression returns to nearly it's original position then the pancake is done.
  • Use the spatula to remove the pancake from the griddle and enjoy.

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