Make a grilled cheese sandwich on a griddle

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How to make a grilled cheese sandwich on a griddle Grilled cheese sandwiches can be made very quickly and easily when made on a griddle.


  • bread of choice
  • cheese of choice
  • butter or margarine
  • griddle spatula

The Process

  1. Heat one side of the griddle to about 300 degrees and the other side to around 120 degrees.
  2. Spread the butter or margarine on the outsides of the bread.
  3. lay the bread butter-side down on the griddle
  4. Place the cheese on top of both pieces of bread

When the cheese begins to melt use your spatula to lift the bread a little to peek at the buttered side. If it is golden brown then flip one piece on top of the other to form the sandwich.

If the cheese isn't completely melted then move the sandwich to the cooler side of the grill until the cheese is fully melted.

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