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How to Create a Page on OpenTutorial

Before you Begin

Read the Posting Rules Page

Creating the Page

There are several ways to create a page on OpenTutorial

Method 1.

The easiest method is to type the name of the tutorial in the box below and click the "Create Tutorial" button

Method 2.

Another method is to type the name of the page in the search box on the left and either hit enter ot click the "Go" button.
If the page already exists then you will be taken to that page.
If the page does not exist then you will be taken to a search results page.
There you will see some text that says something like There is no page titled ":foo". You can create this page. (Where foo is the page name you entered)
If you click the "create this page." link then you will be taken to an editing page where you may type the world's greatest tutorial into the text area provided.

Method 3.

Yet another method is to place the title of the page into a page that you are already editing (such as the SandBox) between double brackets like [[foo]] Preview the page or save the page then follow the resulting red link

Preview Before Submitting

Please always preview the page before saving it and type a little summary of your edits into the Summary box.


OpenTutorial provides a method for automatically organizing your tutorials all you have to do is type [[Category:CategoryName]] where CategoryName is the name of the category you wish to place the tutorial in. If the category doesn't exist it will automatically be created.

Always try to use an existing category before creating one. For a list of existing categories see category:categories

See MetaWiki Category Help Page for an in depth article about Categories

See Also

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