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How to create neon light text using photoshop cs Make your own neon sign without having to bend glass!

OpenTutorial Neon Light Text

Setting the stage

Click File/New...

In the "New" dialog window set the following:
(See Fig 1.)

  • width: 500 pixels
  • height: 200 pixels
  • Resolutoion: 72 pixels/inch
  • Background contents: Transparent

Set the foreground color to black by pressing "D" select the paintbucket tool and click on the layer. The background should now be black.

Fig 1

Placing the Text

Click on the Type Tool (Horizontal type tool). Set the font to the following: (see fig 2) NeonOpenTutorialfig2.jpg Fig 2.

  • Font: Monotype Corsiva (or whatever you want)
  • Size: 90pt
  • Color: White

Type "OpenTutorial" in the layer. Use the hand tool to move the text to the center of the image.

Right Click the text layer and choose "Rasterize Layer

Fig 3

Photoshop Magic

With the text layer selected, Click Filter/Blur/Motion Blur...

In the "Motion Blur" dialog window set the following:

  • Angle: 0
  • Distance: 5

Apply the Following:

  • Click ok to apply the blur.
  • Click Layer/Merge Down
  • Click Image/Adjustments/Invert.
  • Click Filter/Stylize/Solarize
  • Click Image/Adjustments/Auto Levels

Finishing touches

Click Image/Adjustments/"Hue/Saturation..."

In the Hue/Saturation dialog Window set the folloring:

  • Colorize: Checked
  • Hue: 270
  • Saturation: 85

There you have it one Neon Sign ala OpenTutorial

Finished Product


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