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This Tutorial explains How to Change an Automobile Tire, covering safety, jacking of the vehicle, jack stands, the removal and replacement of a tire, and proper lug nut torque settings.

How to Change an Automobile Tire

Tools Needed

  • lug wrench or impact driver
  • jack
  • jack Stand
  • spare tire
  • torque wrench

Safety Check

Before you Begin:

  1. Place the automobile on a flat hard surface, preferably concrete.
  2. Place the transmition in park(automatic) or in 1st gear(Manual).
  3. Set the parking brake
  4. Chock the Tires

The Process

Loosen Lug Nuts

Use the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts in the following order
TODO:Insert graphic of lug removal patterns

Jack the Vehicle

Jack the vehicle to appropriate height. See the owners manual for proper use of the jack and for the proper jacking of the vehicle.

Place Jack Stand

Place the jack stand in the appropriate place of the vehicle as per the owners manual instructions

Remove Tire

Remove the lug nuts and the tire.

Place New Tire

Place the new tire on the lugs and tighten them by hand only (see caution below)

Lower Vehicle

Remove the jack stand and slowly lower the vehicle to the ground keeping body parts and other objects away from it's path.

Tighten Lug Nuts

Using the torque wrench, tighen the lug nuts as per the image below.
TODO:Insert graphic of lug tightening patterns

Unchock Tire

Remove the tire chock

=== CAUTION - Disclamer === Danger-small.gif Do not tighten lug nuts while the vehicle is in the air as it could cause the vehicle to fall causing serious injury or possibly death.

Clean Up Check List

  1. Make sure you have pulled the jack stand free from the vehicle
  2. completely remove the jack
  3. completely remove the tire chocks
  4. before you move the vehicle look around to make sure nothing has sneeked into your work area (beer bottles, soda cans, small children) ;)

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