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How to Calculate miles per gallon describes the process for tracking your miles per gallon in any automobile. Complete with an online miles per gallon calculator.

Soaring Gas Prices

Gas Nozzle 1.png With gas prices forever on the rise it may be a good idea to track how many miles per gallon your car or truck may be getting.


  • Fill your fuel tank completely full and set your trip meter or record your odometer
  • Drive untill your tank is near empty
  • Fill your tank completely full again, record the amount of fuel you pumped, call this number "gallons"
    • Note: For this method to work you must fill fuel your tank completely each time.
  • If you are using odometer readings then subtract your current odometer reading from the reading you took earlier, or use the number on your trip meter, call this number "miles"
  • perform the following calculation:

MPG = miles / gallons

Where MPG is miles per gallon, miles is the miles traveled, and gallons are the gallons used.

Flash Miles per Gallon Calculator



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